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as clint eastwood's character in gran torino. also they are really bad at technology and they debate too much, they are failing math and have no friends, but besides all of that, shipshape. i'm michael shure this is "the war room." [♪ theme music ♪] >> michael: the republicans are taking a serious look at why they have become such an unserious party in the eyes of the american people. as the conservative pep rally that was cpac finally wrapped up this weekend, reality seem stoetd in. republican leaders took a look in the mirror and beheld their hideous reflection. they realized they better get their campaign on and lost that bet. and really how can anyone take a party seriously who's biggest contribution to the conversation were 47%, self deportation and shuting that whole thing down. and all of that shrinking about greece and the looming debt crisis. here is john boehner and paul ryan just this weekend. >> we do not have an immediate debt crisis. >> america is still a step ahead of european and japan. partly because of our resilient economy and our world currency
on the technology front. >> that's a great question. the first is i think bigger than anything is -- the election -- you know, a lot of the analysis about the election that just hand has really focused on digital tools, technology tools but the real question is around what are you talking to voters about? you can have the best technology and ground game, but when you get to the door and talk to somebody on the door and take your message online the question is are your values speaking to the voters? how are they going to address the issues that matter to hispanics, african-americans, young voters women in the suburbs, and that's a fundamental problem for them. so they can do all they want on the digital, technology side if they are not able to connect with voters then all of that will be for not. now that said, we cannot rest on our laurels, we had great digital technology but we can't stop there. we have to continue our advantage in analytics and dij call -- digital, and hone in on our message that resinates with more voters. >> michael: it sounds like you have a really g
the president every two years has to submit to congress what sect orders what technologies we can take advantage of. how does that compare with other companies up and down what they are doing and recommending actions that is we should take and to review all of the different things. review tax policies review regulations, aggie. what can we do to help get manufacturing back up in america? >> is it particularly -- i don't know. i was trying to think while you were speaking about what we make still in this country. we still make cars and damn good cars and better cars by the way because of the bail-out of the automatic 0 industry and some of the restrictions that were put on that money. >> that's right. >> but, you know we don't make iphones. i guess we are starting -- >> some apple products laptops. or imacs. we will start making some here. >> i phone? no. the iphone no televisions. no in the vcrs if they still make them, no. >> i met william some people from new balance the shoes. they are all made here in america. >> is that right? >> new balance is made
and doctors and i'm sure they give you time to get it done and they pay for it. >> this is technology enhanced discrimination on steroids. >> bill: these companies are discriminating against their employees by fining them if they don't comply if they don't go along with the wellness program or the fitness program of this particular company. do you think that's fair? 866-55-press. should a company have the right to incentvise or disincentivize it's a employees from staying healthy. my own experience with this goes back to when i was hired by cnn. and this was long before obamacare, this was in 1996 and i was told flat out when i had to fill out my application that if i smoked i didn't qualify for a job at cnn. ted turner put that out there, if you are a smoker you don't work here at cnn. why? because he didn't want to pay for the lung cancer and have everybody's premiums be so much higher because of smokers. i'm sure at the time he was challenged by it but it's a policy that stuck. and i saw there's a group called the national business group on health represents --
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's day da base and digital technology because they don't have a database. and democrats have done a great job of building a database. and spending $10 million in outreach to constituencies that they lost the last time in other words every constituency ex-september older white males. and we have heard this before. and they never do the outreach and it never works. >> on twitter, ari has been tweeting all morning. he says young voters are rolling our eyes at us. when someone rolls their eyes at us, they are not likely to open their ears to us. he also says our standards could be a more welcoming party. >> bill: they say too often the party is seen as the party of stuffy old men. this is john boehner yesterday, talking about same-sex marriage. >> i believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. it's what i grew up with it's what i believe. >> bill: there he is the poster boy, right, for stuffy old men. stuck in the past, refusing to budge. refusing to compromise. refusing to recognize the new reality. that's what is wrong with the republican party and i
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't want to you miss this tuesday night. first up today the committee on science, space and technology held a hearing on threats from outer space. utah representative scries stewart, he himself from out of space asked the panel if the government is obligated to inform citizens of an incoming as steroid. >> if we were to determine there was a threat and then determine even that it was actually potentially devastating, do we have a policy as to whether we would share that information with the public and how we would do that? i don't know whether fema, which would have that responsibility has developed a former protocol, we can get back to that. >> i wish you would. i would be curious to know that. >> michael: i would be curious to know that too representative. according to today's testimony we're decade behind detecting as steroids capable ofas asteroids that are capable of destroying a city. >>> speaking of threats from space, a nook north korean propaganda film is bomb mongering mongering the united states. why does this make me feel like the president of the a.v. club is threatening us? an
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the things the blood flowing of our economy without oil in its form. we do not have the technology to move past that, and therefore we are at the whim of big oil on a regular basis. the insurance companies and the current medical establishment has the constant resource of funds in the form of an aging population and a consistent and sometimes, you know, you can even create a disease where there is none as far as a label goes and start treating it, whether or not it needs that kind of treating. they have a constant flow of money. there is no way to tamp down, and that's part of i guess the p.r. push of this is that necessary care is used as a way as a hammer against anybody who would want to limit their growth as far as the profit-making industry. it makes it especially as the baby boomer generation ages. let's take a break and when we come back, i would love to hear where you think the next steps can come from, because obviously health care as we have it, a lot of people, you know, said all or nothing. if i can't get a single pair, i don't want it at all, but the protections against preexi
. >> bill: but how many times have people said this and been wrong i would predict this is technology that some day we're going to look back and laugh at and say that we thought that that would work. but we may all be wrong. chris it's so good to have you with us. and i'm sorry, we're just plum out of town. but we'll have you back in studio soon. christopher mims you can follow him on line at >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." yeah, but is it this fast? faster! how about this fast? clearasil's faster! this fast?? faster!! woh! that is fast! fix breakouts fast with clearasil ultra. it starts working instantly, sending the max amount of medicine allowed deep into your pores for visibly clearer skin in as little as 12 hours. yeah, it's fast. clearasil, the science of clear skin. >> she gets the comedians laughing... >> that's hilarious! >> ...and the thinkers thinking. >> okay, so there's wiggle-room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me. >> she's joy behar. >> and current will let me say anything. >> only on current tv. ♪ >> announcer: takin
this technology about recognition where only the owner of the gun can use it? >> it is expensive to deploy. >> stephanie: you know who has a lot of money? the nra. they have lots and lots of money. >> that's where the little hangup is. >> stephanie: harry reid showing his usual spine of steel. >> i think that perhaps some form of legislation might be appropriate some day in the future under certain circumstances. i'm sorry you heard me get so -- >> stephanie: circumstances whereby your testicles might descend at some point? [ laughter ] >> stephanie: okay. >> there you go! that's more like it. >> stephanie: exercise balls. wait a minute. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: you know, somebody was saying that isn't it different after newtown and somebody on television -- i guess not. guess -- 20 dead kids, that's not enough. neil is the father of a newtown victim speaking about this. >> quite honestly, i'm really ashamed to see the congress doesn't have the guts to stand up and make a change and put a ban on these type of weapons and universal background checks. >> hard to look at the cover. i think
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12